Loughry Campus

The primary objective of Loughry Campus is to develop learners’ skills and competitiveness through education, training, business and technology programmes to meet the needs of the food industry.

Loughry offers a range of courses in Food Technology, Food Nutrition and Health, Food Innovation and Nutrition, Food Business Management, Packaging and postgraduate courses in Business for Agri-food and Rural Enterprise.

湖南福彩网Our courses provide full-time and part-time education and training in the production and management skills required by people entering an increasingly complex and competitive industry. To cater for the needs of those already working in the food and drink industry short courses in technical and management areas are also provided.

To ensure that all students achieve the required level of competence in practical and management skills extensive use is made of the Food Technology Centre and laboratories. These provide the resources for skills instruction in all aspects of food management. Find a course湖南福彩网 to suit you.