Technology Demonstration Farms

CAFRE is establishing a network of Technology Demonstration Farms. This scheme aims to increase the rate of technology adoption on Northern Irish farms. The first stage is the recruitment of farmers across Northern Ireland who are using the latest technologies and innovations in their sector. Selection will be on a competitive basis. If you are selected, you will showcase your story and experiences to small groups of visiting farmers.

This scheme is part of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme and is part funded by the European Union.

Initially applications will be invited form farmers who can demonstrate technologies within the following themes:


  • Feed Efficiency
  • Slurry Management
  • Mobility Improvement


  • Grassland Management
  • Fertility


  • Feed efficiency



湖南福彩网Applications were open for the dairy themes from 8th May 2019 to 5th June 2019. Applicants will then be shortlisted and undergo an on-farm suitability assessment. There will be two places available per theme which will be awarded on a competitive basis.

When Technology Demonstration Farms have been appointed, groups of farmers will be invited to visit these farms and find out about the latest technologies and innovations in their sector.

湖南福彩网New themes will be added and further recruitment of farms for these will take place in the near future.

湖南福彩网If you would like to find out more about this scheme you can submit an and we will contact you when new information becomes available. For new details and application opening and closing times, keep an eye on our website and/or @DiscoverCAFRE and page.

For further information on the Technology Demonstration Farms scheme email: